Dal Molin Consulting GmbH
Dal Molin Consulting GmbH
est. 1999

Entrepreneur at heart

I am an optimist that believes that improvements are always possible, and sustainable innovations win. Big ideas start small, need a nurturing environment to grow, evolve, and finally prosper. The key to success is determined action.

My current professional interests can give you a rough idea of who I am. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss radical ideas, possible partnerships, or new business opportunities!

Yours truly,
Franco Dal Molin

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n+1 innovations

n stands for the here and now, for a situation "as is", for the status quo, for being static and trapped in a box.

+1 stands for a brighter future, for improvements, for steps in the right direction, for actions leading to new possibilities and innovations!

The "unfinished sphere" logo suggests that one is never done. Progress is a journey of many increments.

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Experiences made

Over the past three decades, I have been busy in various roles, including Software Engineer, Product Manager, Head of R&D, Head of Operations, Country Manager, VP Sales, and Regional Director.

I developed software products, services, companies, and markets. I led teams and reached targets. I founded or co-founded four companies, held CEO and CTO roles in those startups (including a couple of years in Silicon Valley). I exited some successfully while failing with others. 

The cumulative experiences are priceless! 

Family time

When not working, my family keeps me busy. I am the proud father of a son and two daughters. And I would be incomplete without my loving wife!

We enjoy regular road trips to Italy with our VW Multivan, skiing in the Alps, swimming in the nearby lake of Zug, local bicycle tours, BBQ with friends, and everything else a busy family life typically brings.