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Dal Molin Consulting GmbH
est. 1999

Nearshoring: Experience & Services


I have been working with remote software development since 2001. My work led me collaborating hands-on with companies, teams, and individuals in Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, Pakistan, India, and Indonesia. Many years ago, as Product Manager and CTO of software companies, I used to be on the "demand-side" of these cooperation models. In a recent sales-oriented role at a large IT services company, I was on the "supply-side" for many years. Today, I am working as a consultant "in-between" both demand & supply sides, such as managing nearshore partner evaluation processes, working with clients to find the best possible provider for their specific needs, etc. Furthermore, I am tracking the market and maintaining good relations with over 150 leading providers in Eastern Europe and globally. The real challenge - and this is a big (and often untapped) opportunity for ALL stakeholders - is to bring the right talent to the right project at the right time using the right working model.


  • Evaluation of software development partners
  • Setting-up of remote engineering centers
  • Nearshoring strategies & implementation
  • Matchmaking between "compatible" clients & providers
  • Troubleshooter

I am more than happy to share my vast experience and help! Please feel free to get in touch anytime to discuss your challenges, goals, and initiatives. - Initial consultations and first meetings are, of course, free of charge!